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4950 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68132

Catering Services in Omaha, NE


We Offer Catering Services – From Simple to Upscale

Are you looking for quality catering services or a place for an evening party? Get in touch with the staff of Duggers Cafe in Omaha, NE. We can prepare food for different events like weddings and evening parties. We also have room for gatherings or reunions up to 100 people. Call us to book a menu consultation with one of our owners.

Great Ambience and Menu

Are you always in a hurry? You can still eat good food before going to work. We open early so you can grab a hearty breakfast. Have a lunch meeting with friends or associates since we are conveniently located at Dodge Street. We have a mouthwatering menu and a warm, cozy atmosphere. The ambience of our restaurant is conducive to conversations, meetings, or me-time.
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French toast—Catering Services in Omaha, NE
Sanwiches—Catering Services in Omaha, NE

Find a Table

Whether you're a classic sandwich enthusiast or a homemade donut and cinnamon roll lover, you'll be satisfied with our menu. We also have a friendly wait staff. We make sure that you are comfortably seated so you can enjoy our food. Call us at 402-502-9156 if you want to reserve a table or order a take-out meal.